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    B-Step Sequencer 2 Pro

    B-Step Sequencer 2 was updated with lots of cool new features. Here’s what is new in this update: We kept the B-Step 1 base and built a lot of useful stuff on top of that. For the right groove in your set, we have added …

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  • Hires Pro Logo

    Fiddlewax Pro updated

    Fiddlewax Pro updated to version 1.1 This update adds new low-level features, updated graphics, and fixes a few minor MIDI bugs that were reported out in the wild — the joys of gaining real user insight! It also transitions Fiddlewax Pro over to being ready …

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    Theremini Advanced Software Editor

    Moog released new iPad app (third Moog’s iOS app) for controlling Theremini synth. The app allows you to take full control on Theremini’s presets by changing existing sounds, creating new and share it with others. The app comes with new presets. What is noticeable is …

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    LF1 Monosynth

    New virtual analog synth arrived to the AppStore. As stated from the app name it is MonoSynth with 2 oscillators, LP filter two envelopes and LFO and Moog-style design.


    Description :

    Experience and create the classic vintage synth sounds with the LF1 Monosynth.

    The LF1 Monosynth is a fully featured analogue–modelling synthesiser, featuring:

    - 2x classic–sounding analogue style oscillators with sin, sawtooth and square waveforms and a four octave range. The frequency of the second oscillator can be adjusted by ±7 semitones.

    - Analogue–modelled resonant filter with invertible envelope.

    - Amplitude envelope.

    - LFO with 5 selectable sources (including Sample + Hold), assignable to pitch or filter.

    - Glide & Glissando controls.

    - Pitchbend Wheel.

    - 8 user–preset locations.

    - Slick, retro-styled UI.

    The LF1 is ideal for lovers of classic synths, or indeed for beginners looking to get a taste of analogue synthesis. This app is packed with vintage mojo and ready to go.

    Headphones strongly recommended!
    App Store

    App Details:

    • Version: 1.0
    • Created & Sold by: Chris Rivers
    • Age Rating: 4+
    • Categories: Music, Productivity

    iPad Screenshots:

    • Screenshot
    • Screenshot

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    rsTouch pro updated for Reason 8

    Delora software released a new version of rsTouch Pro that contains a number of usability improvements, plus support for the PropellerHead REs released since our last update, including the new Reason 8 Softube amps. Some highlights for this release: 1. Multi-iPad SSL control. You can …

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  • Screen Shot 2014 10 17 At 10.12.25 AM

    Vandelay multiband echo device

    Klevgränd Produktion – developers of Squash multi band distortion released their new multi-band effect app. Vandelay is a multiband delay device. With three separate delays in three frequency regions, Vandelay makes it possible to create complex and rich sounds out of simple ones. In addition …

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